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Wednesday 15 June, 2016 | RSS Feed

My Father Likes Smoking

Every time I have a birthday, my father will give me a small gift to add to the atmosphere. In a few days is my father's birthday, and I give him a gift to prepare it? Then, write a small article as a gift for dad. If you ask me if I want to be a teacher when I grow up, no, I don't do it, because when the teacher is too hard, I have learned from my father. But my dad likes Newport 100s cigarettes.

The teacher really is not good when ah! In our house, every day to get up at the earliest is the father, the night is also the father of the night. Dad is Jing Electronic school junior high school language teacher and class teacher. Every morning, my mother and I are still wash Su heard Daddy tidy up thing to go out, my mother always to him said: eat something to walk. But my father said: "there is something in the class. I don't eat it." In this way, my father often goes to work without breakfast but a Newport 100s cigarette. Every afternoon I come home from school, my mother was busy cooking, and so the father is not back, we had to wait at home, and so on the left and right and so on until the meals are cool dad can come in. He often talks with his classmates or a lot of homework.

At midnight, my mother and I early lying on the bed, only dad are still light batch job, I unwittingly has entered the dreamland. All of a sudden, dad sitting stool rang a sound woke me, how my father still batch job? I did not interrupt him, but looked at Dad look, looks like Daddy very sleepy, he walking with his head, from time to time patted his forehead, lift your head up look at the walls, as if in thinking. Staying up late is the father of homely food. Dad and the weekend had nothing. He this two days always put students called to our house to do their homework, sit in a few hours, and sometimes he promised my mother and I took to the streets to, can not count for several times to talk, make we are not pleased. Because my father is a serious and responsible, and love the students, and the class is good, so students like him, parents are very satisfied with the school leaders and teachers are very high evaluation of the father. This is my only students and teachers in the eyes of the teacher's father. I love my father very much even he smokes Newport 100s too heavy.

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