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Tuesday 31 May, 2016 | RSS Feed

Pingluo Xinghai Beiyuan Qiao Xia smoke wines supermarket

A customer into your the shop you can see these carton of newport 100s cigarettes, also can store high-end lighters, flowers, pictures, ashtrays, children who eat candy toys shape placed adjacent to a series of commodities, we should counter the Lingshou Hu the most striking place for the most needed to "take care" of unmarketable tobacco, increase cigarette brand in front of customers these eye edge, multi-faceted to attract consumers' attention. "
Pingluo Xinghai near the northern gate of the garden Xinxin smoke wines firm
Shopkeeper Liu Weihong
My unsalable smoke, basically let my old man and his old friends who help me, and he is now retired nothing to do, he and his old friends who like to play chess playing mahjong, we bought two Taiwan mahjong machine placed in my house upstairs, every day he and those under his old friends playing mahjong chess to pass the time, like a playing mahjong on the "battlefield", as cigarettes are just as much a consumption of ammunition products, because all his old friend so what am I to smoke what they would suck the smoke carton of newport 100s price, the day also consumed more than a dozen boxes of cigarettes, at closing time, when they put all gave me my account, so I shop basically no unsalable cigarettes. After listening to her statement of trick, I stretched her thumb, said:. "Ginger or the old lady, or do you have a way ah."
Shopkeeper Sun Qiaoxia
My mom helped me unsalable smoke I digested my mom heavy smokers, smoking carton of newport cigarettes cost a pack of cigarettes a day have. I've also tried to persuade my mother to quit smoking, says smoking is unhealthy, but I just do not want to quit my mom, used to say suck, suck one will not feel lost something. I also advised her not to go, every time I see her sucking fast, I will no longer marketable unsalable my store give her cigarette boxes get past. Mom never picky, what used to smoke carton of newports what she would suck the smoke. My husband smokes, he is very picky smoking, tobacco selling often suck in my tune also pick up bad sell unsalable cigarettes. There are two such "consumers" those of my unsalable also very popular, and I listened to her narrative also listen to laugh.
Pingluo Xinghai door Beiyuan South Dongfanghong Hotel name cigarettes
Owner Sums
I will put my cigarette in my slow-moving showcase the most prominent position, above all stick pack a lighter as a gift, the customer to buy carton of newports price cigarettes at a glance, while FIG Get ready to buy some of the best-selling cigarette in the customer lighter changed his mind to buy with the price of unmarketable tobacco, although less Zhengdian, I can also slow-moving headache out some cigarette sales. Yet another way is to sell my unsalable cigarettes to our friends and relatives of those who have many friends and relatives my family, kid generation are married every year I come here to order wine, set the smoke.

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