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Tuesday 06 September, 2016 | RSS Feed

Why fight cigarette code?

With tobacco card, tobacco companies will provide you with door-to-door services, customer business manager to guide you, help you make money. There has monopoly inspection team, on the surface, you test it and you feel bad, in fact, by law enforcement inspection, clean up the market, safeguarding the vital interests of the holder's family, it is your "protection of God."

All in all, the sale of cigarettes is not a fruit, not a street vendor, you need to obtain a permit. At present, some people think, "Rush difficult." In fact, this is a misunderstanding of the work permit. Many households do no less than accreditation certificate the main reason you did not address management, no operating funds, but does not meet the local tobacco retail outlets rational distribution. Therefore, caution should permit households, in order to sell the tobacco business, the address must be selected in line with the rationalization of tobacco retail outlets layout. This is important, the "everything is ready" smoke card difficult trouble their minds. Some customers believe that, in the store, the cigarette is a normal product, as long as the smoke is really, consumers do not care about a code is not a code. Some shopkeepers also said: At present, some tight smoke out of stock, goods to other store up points, which is the normal thing. But after the smoke coding, inspection team into the store to see, to know that this is not a smoke shop, we must follow the chaos channels of purchase behavior punished. Alas, smoke yards this "magic", is "ever more people dislike" mad person. A: Good customers, good partners, they must not get angry, you must not get angry. Why fight tobacco code? I'll tell you. First, it is necessary monopoly management. Past the smoke did not play yards in the market random string, the audit team found, was not sure it belonged smoke, cigarette traffickers to look down provides an opportunity. Therefore, a code is compelling tobacco industry invention. You see, since the "fight to bar code", "a shop a code" really smoke, there is a card, regardless of where the flow, a check will know which province, which city, which county, Which Lingshou Hu smoke, real smoke for investigating the illegal flow of cases, safeguard the normal order of the cigarette business, it plays a vital role.

Second, to the cigarette counterfeiting. In the past, because the smoke is not a code, law enforcement inspectors check, you need to view one by one, time-consuming, and now, with the exclusion simply easier. Of course, some people say: cigarettes also have bar codes. But barcode counterfeit cigarettes easier to identify. Some experienced inspectors by looking at the bar code, will be able to identify true and false. In short, "a code strip to" play a great role to identify counterfeit cigarettes is one of the inspection team popular an effective method.

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